04 Jun

Coach Valerie Walsh
Coach of the CORE Running & Fitness Group in New Milford, CT. 

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I wrote this right after the Boston Marathon Bombing. These words poured out of me, from a broken heart.

"I Run For Not From”
By Valerie Walsh

I run for my health, my freedom, for promise,
I run for hope and for the light shone upon us.

I run for the simple feeling it gives me inside,
to trample the dust, to let my heart be my guide.

I run for the challenge, to see what I am made of.
I run for my family, my friendships, to show love.

I run through pain, against pain, and at times because of it.
I run to beat cancer, for control or lack of it.

I run for vanity, for myself and for stillness.
I run to meet things head on, and sometimes for avoidance.

I run for charity, for gratitude and celebration.
I run to stay focused, to divert from temptation.

I run to create memories, moments and laughter.
I run because it gives me so much of what I am after.

I run to inspire, to set a good example for my children.
I run to show your greatest strength comes from within.

I run for lots of reasons, some that simply cannot be explained.
I run because I CAN and it will NEVER be in vain. 

Valerie Walsh
Corporate Cabin Flight Attendant
CPT/CORE Running Coach & Yoga Instructor

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