To inspire people everywhere to push past their limits no matter their age, health, history, past mistakes, setbacks or failures, or their own self-limiting beliefs, doubts and fears. Going beyond the boundaries of what holds us back means being open to the possibilities of what we can do to improve our own health and our own lives.

My purpose for the BOUNDLESS Apparel: When you wear the shirt and hat with the BOUNDLESS logo and the slogan "Love it, Hate it, Embrace it...The Journey",my vision is for that person to be boundless in their run, taking on the challenge of conquering the hill and getting to the top. Embrace the journey that you are on! For you this might be running a 100 miler or a half marathon, reinventing yourself in your career, or overcoming a failure in your life. "Love it, Hate it, Embrace it...The Journey." is my mantra that I have been using for the last two years while I have been running some of the most challenging trails and tackling steep hill. While recording one of our infamous trail runs last year, my good friend and running mate, Ms. Erica Bass, caught me on video saying my signature mantra and then posted it on Facebook. That video inspired me to create and design my own empowerment fitness apparel and to use it as a platform to share my story.

By wearing a shirt and hat with the BOUNDLESS logo and mantra, "Love it, Hate it, Embrace it...The Journey," I hope you will feel empowered to be BOUNDLESS in your own run and encouraged to conquer that next hill by climbing to top one step at a time. When you wear my gear, I also hope you feel inspired and motivated to push past your limits, accept new challenges and embrace every part of your journey. LIVERUNBOUNDLESS