15 May

Finding my way to track is how my journey begins. I knew I loved to run and my mom could never get me to walk. She often says I came out of the womb running so it has always been a part of my life. I did many other sports like basketball, baseball. ballet and a few other before I learned running alone was just a sport. A friend of my mom's talked to my mom about Track and Field and we decided to get it a try. I feel in love from day one at the age of nine and have not stopped running since. It became obvious early on that I was a sprinter and despite me being both pigeon toed and knock-kneed, I was taught to run the high hurdles. Discovering track and the talent I had for it as my technique developed, was like love at first sight and then all over again the longer I did it. Track for me was more than a sport. It was my comfort, my peace, a challenge, and passion all in one. My potential and how far I could go was always based on how much work I was willing to put in. Some days were easier than others but I always fought through the challenges and overcame all the hurdles thrown at me. Track, hurdling, and being a student athlete has taught me that there is always more to give. Anytime I feel like giving up on something, before I call it quits, I push just a little bit harder and always find some kind of success. I have also been able to overcome challenges and obstacles in life by seeing them in the same way I do a hurdle race. Knowing there will be something that might block my path and all I have to do is find a way over it. With track I have had several successes that I give all credit to God for. It has been great getting to know Kenneth through our church and sharing our stories, experiences and tips with each other!  

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