04 Jun
My love of running started only as an outlet for my anger. My mother had just passed away and I needed to channel my grief and anger in a positive way other than force-feeding my emotions. I hated it at first. I had never done a bit of exercise in my entire life, and I was 46 at the time! But, I needed something, so I kept at it. And I finally started liking it more and more. Not the actual running itself...I actually dislike to run. But, what I love is how I feel when I'm done running, if that makes any sense. At my age, the fact that I can still run 5-6 miles is pretty damn good to begin with. I actually don't focus on anything around me. I put on my headphones, blast some music, and just move. I run until I literally cannot run one more second. I'm sweating and I can't breathe, but I'm energized and I'm strong. But, best of all, I'm SANE.

Stasia Miller, The Anastasia Project

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