27 Jan

Now considered one of the top ultradistance runners in the world, the Nike Trail athlete and three-time Western States 100 mile endurance run competitor,  Sally McRae initially wanted to become a professional soccer player while attending college on a scholarship. With the inspiration of her mom, she has earned to work hard to get great results. 

Today, McRae is sponsored by Nike and has logged thousands of miles on windy and steep trails across Chile, Italy, France and New Zealand. She has ran UTMB for more than 4 years which she loves to go again almost every year. She has done the Badwater trail run and San Diego 50 .  She has ran many other ultra trail races around the world.

When she’s not hitting the trails,  Sally McRae juggles motherhood, online coaching and a grueling training and travel schedule. “Running is such a beautiful parallel to life and I’ve been through so many challenges, and when I have no words left in me, I run,” shared McRae. Now that we hit the pandemic, she has been home  in Oregon taking care of her family. 

Sally McRae has been grateful for her family and all the opportunities laid out for her.  Her daughter Mckenzie has also learned to love the sport and has been competing. 

View Sally McRae's interesting interview with  balancing her life as a professional runner and life at home.


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