07 May

I could say that running has been apart of my life since I was a kid. I was never a fast sprinter but I defintelty enjoyed all the fundraisers for jog a thons.  In high school I didn't run track but I loved to run. I would ask my PE teacher if I could run for my friends. The would have to run laps if they were late or didn't suit up for PE.

As an adult it was the one constant thing in my life that kept my identity. I was a college student, a newlywed, became a mother, an educator, and now getting older. I'am still Roxy that runs for fun. For clarity. For friendships. I love the running community. You could meet a total stranger and instantly connect. There's an understanding of the dedication to running. The time and energy it takes to complete those miles. I also love that it does not matter how fast or slow. Young or old you are, you are a runner!

When I wear BOUNDLESS and see that logo, I get inspire. I'm boundless to reach my personal goals, anytime, anyplace, and at any age. And the hat is comfortablešŸ˜Š. I often thought I was getting a little run down. My job requires me to be hands on with my students. I work with mod/severe special education Non-diploma bound students. They are often aggressive and violent. Over the years I have literally gotten a beating or two. Anyway , it's interfered with my running. I'm slower. Achy. Now, just giving my body  the much needed recovery. I have been striving to reach my old running goals and doing things I have not done in a while like doing a hike.

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