06 Sep

Rashad Bailey, Roc's Lifestyle, INBA PRO/Retire Marine, Lifestyle & Fit Coach

                                                   Roc with his mom

My name is Rashad Bailey, I’m from Savannah Ga. I joined the Marine Corps Aug 15, 1999. I served both in Afghanistan and Iraq war and had to retire early due to injuries I acquired while serving. I was strictly limited by the doctors on what physical activities I could do. I had to wear two braces and was on 4 different medications at the age of 25. Which one of the medications side affect was weight gain, this is when my life needed to change. I always knew the importance of exercise and a health lifestyle but I needed to step it up to the next level. So in 2012 I started my new journey to a better lifestyle. I started going to the gym every day, understanding my type I use different exercises and weight training to maximize my workout. I also paid more attention in what I was putting in my body and how much. Little at a time I removed the braces and built the muscles around the weak areas. 2015 I started my company Roc’s Lifestyle and that same year competed in my first Bodybuilding competition on Muscle Beach and came in 3rd place. Never thinking I wanted to be a bodybuilder but this was a place where I could test my formula and theories of physical fitness. So I continue to compete in different bodybuilding organization such as NPC, Lauren Powers classic and now INBA PNBA where I became a Pro Physique athlete in 2016. A very proud day to look back to see how far I came, from being in 2 braces, multiple medication and gaining weight day by day. Now starting a new journey, creating my new lifestyle and teaching others to do the same. I also became a motivational speaker, understanding that all changes are not made in the gym, motivation is a main tool in life changes. This is a little bit about me for now because the Roc’s Lifestyle movement is growing and there’s more to come.

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