24 May

 I was never active in sports as a kid. I did grow up playing outside riding bikes and playing soccer and basketball with the other kids in the block but never considered my self an active person. When I joined the Army boot camp was my first taste of fitness.  Lost 40lbs and felt great but my eating habits after boot camp made it difficult for me to maintain. During my 4 years in the army I always struggled to meet tape an make my run time. After I got out in a few short months I gained about 40lbs. I was heavier than when I went in. 2 years after getting out and reaching my heaviest weight of 264lbs I decided to make a change. For the next 10 years I tried many different eating habits and my only exercise was running or cardio. I would lose up to 35lbs when I was on point and then always fell off track and regain some thru ought a year or two.  I was a yo-yo. In 2014 when I decided to attempt to re-join the military as an officer I started training again and lost 50lbs but still 10lbs over the navy standard. The recruiter would it take me in if I didn't meet the wait and I was stuck. Could not manage to lose any more. Eventually I convinced my self that I couldn't lose more and stop trying. In 2017 a friend told me about a change in the regulation regarding the 39" around the waist which I knew I could achieve. I called the recruiter and I was to old for active duty OCS. He told me about DCO and I decided to try again. This time I decided to do my own research and learn how to burn fat. I started doing weight training 4 days a week and two runs a week. It's been three years and I am still maintaining effortlessly with my new lifestyle. I have reached the peak of my fitness surpassing my conditioning I had in bootcamp when I was 18. I currently run   A 5k once a week and do weight training no less than 4 times a week but usually 6! Educating my self on how my body works, researching the facts and learning as much as I can has allowed me to create a program that works for me. I don't feel limited on what I can eat but I am aware of what I should eat. Currently I have been on a plant base diet for 6 months that has maximize my progress and makes it easier to manage my weight.

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