16 Oct

Mrs. Daysi Liu , The wife; The sister; The daughter; The soon to be mom.  We know her as Runderful Daysi, maybe the glue, the connection that brought people together through her discovery of running. The path, the process to get there was not easy but life is not easy, just keep running, just keep going and you also will discovery what you meant to become. This is her story. 

My story of running started in the beginning of 2013. I was going through a hard time in my life, I was in the depths of the worst depression I have ever experienced. I remember writing in my journal “I feel awkward in this world, sometimes I feel that I don’t belong anywhere” One day I decided to go for a walk in the park near my house then sign up for a 5K in my community. 

I still remember the endorphins in my whole body and my brain after a run, it was something new for me because at my young age I was never introduced to any kind of sports or at least in my family, sports were not important or part of our daily life. I can say that RUNNING change my life. Running gave me a purpose, a healthy environment, A Best Friend and so many amazing people. It was a new world for me and gave me happiness

. Ever since, I did not stop. I needed it more and then in December of 2013. I signed up for my first Half marathon, I will never forget it was the Holiday Half, when I finished I cried and realized I had never felt better in my Life, I was empowered so I keep signing up for more races and lost track of how many I have done and my last race in San Diego was a 50k. 

We have all felt sad on many occasions throughout our lives but it is NOT normal to be sad all the time. In my own experience sadness arrived mysteriously and if I didn't do anything against it, it remained mysteriously there and I was tired of having a hole, emptiness and pretending everything was okay. Running for me was my antidepressant, made me release all the bad feelings and energy and the endorphins, like natural brain chemicals that improved my sense of well- being. And if this sport helps me get more out of life, mentally strong and physical. Running will remain in my life today and always.

 I might not be the fastest runner but I will give my best, for myself. From being a NONE Sport woman, Now I can say I'm a proud RUNNER. And running will always be part of my life. 

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