16 Nov

Hello my name is Abraham Kobe Vargas, I am 27 and currently living in North County San Diego. I’m the Founder of my Fitness Lifestyle brand Chasing Endorphins. I was born in Riverside And moved out to San Marcos in 2011. I’m a brother to 5 beautiful sisters and only boy. I graduated from Cal State San Marcos with a Major in Criminology and minor in Sociology.  

I launched my brand Chasing Endorphins in December 2019. My brands mission statement is, “Bringing awareness to the mental health benefits of exercise and having a positive mindset.” Although always had an active life style I never planned on ever owning my own fitness brand. Especially one with my message. 

The brand came about from life changes I made back in late 2018. I had graduated college but had no real purpose in my life. Just working jobs to pay my bills. I gained a bad binge drinking habit from college which lead me to pursue pleasure instead of purpose. That also hurt my mental health as I was dealing with depression and social anxiety and using cheap entertainment and alcohol as a distraction. It was a vicious cycle.  

Thanks to my parents and God It wasn’t until the end of 2018 that I began making a change. I began running to replace my bad habit of looking forward to drinking Friday/Saturday then recovering from my hangovers Sunday. I also began reading/listening to podcasts and strengthening my walk with God. All these changes over time began birthing the person I am today. 

I began chasing purpose instead of pleasure. After a year of working on self development and gaining confidence in the new me I decided to go public about my mental health and what I had did to cope. My friends and family were all extremely support and suggested I go public with it. Hence my brand Chasing Endorphins was born, and the slogan “One Step Closer to a Better You”.  

Now my goal is to collaborate with my local fitness community in order to further spread my message and do my best to help those around me. My community has been extremely helpful and supportive in my brand’s growth.
Thank you all, and stay active chasers!! 

To hear a full interview of his story go to my YouTube Channel https://youtu.be/jKtjQqaj33w

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