15 May
Running is a hell of a drug! So my running journey started when I was in high school. My Mom asked me if I wanted to play sports! My response was “is running a sport!?” And she called up the cross country couch and I was in. I got injured a lot in high school and only lasted 2 years. I would continue running off and on through the years but my real long distance running relationship happened later in life. I was about 30 when my younger sister Kimmy ran her first Half marathon. I was so impressed that she could run 13.1 miles non stop and told her “one day I’m going to do that with you!” Well a few months later I got my chance! She became pregnant with her 4th child and had already registered for Carlsbad half. I transferred the bib in my name and ran the half and was hooked! I ran a total of 7 half’s my first year.

I have battled with depression the majority of my life. When I found running it set me free in a way. I was challenged and I found a sense of accomplishment. I felt I was worthy of something bigger than just myself. I WAS A RUNNER. Someone who didn’t quit, would strive to do better, and get that peace I was always looking for. I was finally proud of myself for something. It helped me manage my stress and helped clear my head. My sister and I ran our first 50k before our first Marathon. This is because we found the YMCA trail runners. I had never ran trail before finding them. My first run with them was a grin that will never be forgotten! My sister and I decided that we were going to join them and run our first 50 K being noble canyon! We did and we killed it, running the entire race together.
I have been injured a couple times while enduring the sport. I have had IT band issues and a torn Achilles. That wave of sadness fell over me once again. I felt lost and empty and that I didn’t belong. I started training again and I’m building up to be where I once was.
Running has been a safe place for me to be the goofy fun living person that I am. I have made some life long friends and I hope I will be able to run till my legs don’t work any more. “So trails I’ll be back at you soon!”

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