15 May

Why do I run? I grew up playing sports and never realized that it was my outlet in a lot of ways.  I run because I enjoy the clarity it gives me and I look forward to clearing my mind as I let all my stresses go and focus on the moment. The only thing that exists when I slip away to my peaceful place is me and the sound of my feet hitting the ground. I took a break from running for a number of years and was a stay at home mom while my husband was an active duty solider. He was always gone so I was always alone and did not have time for my self. After we moved back home all the stresses of being an adult forced me to revive this outlet.  I was taking 9 classes in dental hygiene school and had two small kids and a husband at home, always worrying about money and bills and everything adults are required to do, running let me escape from it all and cleanse my spirit.  Now that I'm done with school I have 4 kids (ages 15,14,7and 6) and a very active and demanding lifestyle. Running is therapeutic and the rejuvenation I felt after I ran one time after so long is what motivated me to keep going. 

Now I feel a comradeship with the other runners that I train with, we push each other.  The more committed I am to my running I look to become a more accomplished runner. After I began training with the south bay Y trail runners every week I began to become competitive again, with myself as well as the other runners.  It keeps me healthy mentally as well as physically and I enjoy feeling the accomplishment and peacefulness that courses through me after every run. For me running will forever be more than just putting one foot in front of the other, it's my way to be an individual again, it's why I continue to run.   For me.... it's become everything. 

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