11 Sep

Mr. Hrod619, who I actually met a couple months ago through a mutual friend of ours, Mr. Daniel Smith aka San Diego Trail Runners during the Baby Badwater Race. Daniel told me, I have to  meet this guy name Hector, he just ran 146 miles on his treadmill! So I did, we kept in touch  and then I came across him in a Amazon delivery commercial!  Hrod have a love for his family, love for his job, a love for running, a love for people. This is his story of why he do what he do and what keep him going. Also the you could catch our full interview on my YouTube channel;  https://youtu.be/01pA0FVblKk.

Hector Rodriguez is a husband, father, and challenge seeker that resides in San Diego, CA. Hector’s journey started after coming across David Goggin’s Can’t Hurt Me book. He immediately took the tools learned and applied it to his daily life starting with giving himself a daily 10 mile a day walk, hike, or run challenge. This led him to seeking additional challenges to test himself in which he started 2019 with three consecutive DNFs. Hector embraced these failures and saw it as a tool to show his children how to bounce back from setbacks. In 2020, Hector started to see his consistent training payoff in his challenges. He finished top 5 finish in the Pirate Cove 24-hour race, 1st in the @ersevents monthly mile’s challenge, 2nd in the @rockcandyrunning Virtual Vertical miles challenge, and 1st in the @ersevents monthly elevation challenge. Additionally, he finished as the 3rd place male in the @araivapiarunning Virtual Strong event and most recently 2nd in the Lone Mountain Last Person Standing event in which his DNF came after running 146 miles. Hector is a firm believer that you need to find struggle, pain, discomfort cause if you don’t it will find you . His next big challenge will be taking on the Moab 240 mile race in October, 2020.  Hector is supported by his family, Kainga, and Wolfpack teams. 

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