04 Jun

Running- I have never been one to want to use this word in my vocabulary … I’ve always been into fitness and healthy life style but running, absolutely not! One day my husband says to me, you should run it’s the best exercise you can ever do. I think now he regrets ever saying that. It all started 9 years ago hitting the pavement nonstop making it a part of my daily routine being in the best shape completely ready to run my first half marathon in 2013 Rock in Roll San Diego best experience just running my pace no time just doing my thing. It gave me that sense of happiness relief accomplishment that I wanted, it felt amazing! so I wanted to continue running races. Sadly to say but unfortunately it was all put on hold when that same year in 2013 after I ran my first race was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 2b. It’s a type of cancer part of the immune system called lymphatic system as the cancer progress it limits the body’s ability to fight any kind of infections. After that day I knew my life had to be put on hold that included what I had become most passionate about “Running “ I did go through 6 months of chemotherapy 17 sessions of radiation lost my hair all my energy taste buds everything seemed like a bad dream. I DID WAKE UP …

7 -years later I can now say I am a Cancer Survivor. I was back running a month after the doctor cleared me. It was like started all over again no energy muscles ached lungs were shot but with the motivation of god giving me another chance at life I pushed through to get back at doing where I had left off. I ran my 2nd half marathon Silver strand 2014 after that I kept going running training and I haven’t stopped to the point that my running peeps say I was injected with ENERGY SUPERPOWERS don’t ever take life for granted because you never know what might come your way lots of obstacles challenges in life. Stay strong you will overcome any setbacks. At the end of the day you will come back STRONGER…THE LOGO ---BOUNDLESS IS ABSOLUTELY INSPIRING WE ALL HAVE A STORY ..KENNETH I AM VERY THANKFUL TO HAVE MET A VERY AMAZING PERSON OUR BODY GUARD, ONE I CAN CALL MY FRIEND ..

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