18 Jul
Growing up I was a southern bell  who loves southern food. I was always small. I had my first two kids and never had a issue with my weight until my third child was born. I was 220 lbs. and didn’t know how I had gotten this far. I was depressed and didn’t like buying clothes. I tried working out but had a hard time staying committed. I joined a gym and started seeing results.  I started running and getting serious about my health. Being a black woman and finding out that 80% of black women were overweight was not acceptable to me. I had to be here for my family and be a better example. There are still setbacks but being consistent is crucial. I hope my story inspires you to take care of yourself and keep going. Self care is the best care. I just recently became a vegetarian and striving to become a vegan. Do your research and learn what works for you.


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